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Face to face meetings and presentations are immensely valuable. They allow for clearer communication and usually tend to appear more positive than their virtual counterparts. Even outside of a global pandemic and social-distancing guidelines, virtual events have several advantages. They can be set up in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost; not to mention the reduced carbon footprint that is required.

Flexibility & Peace of Mind

Platform-Independent webcasts

From day one, it was important for us to stay independent of the primary communications platforms. While we often use Zoom as an underlying platform for meetings, we are generally platform-independent. In the beginning, a lot of companies blocked Zoom out of security concerns, and as a result, we had operators trained for BlueJeans, WebEx, and Microsoft Teams on standby to accommodate their needs. We are constantly training our operators for new and upcoming technologies.


A good video streaming platform needs to be able to host thousands of live video streams at any given time without bandwidth limitations. We brought in several new high bandwidth capable fiber lines and connected to multiple data centers to ensure our systems are optimized to meet this increased demand without any interruptions or downtime. We implemented a decentralized management system where any operator experiencing internet or power issues can be replaced by their backup within seconds; thus, ensuring little to no downtime on the live stream. After all, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

A Virtual Future

Virtual meetings are now the new normal. Some of our clients have announced that this will be their new format going forward. We have seen a roughly 25%-30% growth of events this year, over the previous year driven in large part due to the cost savings that these events provide.

You're in Good Hands

Speaker Ready

We have highly trained operators at your side every step of the way to ensure that your presentation goes off smoothly without any last-minute surprises. Our operators will walk your presenters through the setup process. Critical things like bandwidth and hardware requirements, virtual background setups, screen sharing (if required) are all carefully coordinated by our skilled operators and your presenters. This may happen anywhere from a few days ahead of the presentation to a few hours.


We've all been there; in the middle of an important presentation and the video drops out or the slides do not want to cooperate. Unexpected problems can happen at any time. Every single presentation is managed by one of our highly trained operators who are trained for all eventualities including presenter drop-outs. They will introduce you to other possible panel members, start and stop the webcast and run the show in the background. We deal with the technical stuff so your presenters can focus on delivering their message without the added stress of troubleshooting issues during a live presentation.


We view every event as a production with many moving pieces. Every production needs a producer. Our producers are the liaison between the operators, event coordinators, and our technical team. Their job is to make sure that all things related to the event are running smoothly. They can tackle things like presenter no-shows, assign backup operators, and answer questions about last-minute changes or updates, so you can focus on the more important things.

Building Up to Meet Your Needs

Ever since the lockdown went into effect in March, we have experienced unprecedented growth to meet the demands of our clients. Our developers are working closely around the clock with our software partner MeetMax to bring to market an industry-leading solution for virtual events. New tools and features requested by our clients are constantly being developed and implemented by our software engineers. As a result, we are one of the few companies today that offers a full-scale virtual video webcast solution to our clients.

Three Great Live Features

Live Questions

As part of bringing audience members and presenters together, we introduced a feature that lets the webcast audience ask questions that the presenter or moderator can review and answer. We offer options of dismissing irrelevant questions and marking others as answered. This feature is independent of the chat that most primary platforms offer.

Live Log

We have taken the logging function and enhanced it quite a bit. It is now possible not only to see in real-time who is listening to your presentation but also to know which platform they landed on the page from.

Live Support Chat

We are now offering live support chat on our pages as well as a support telephone number during your event. We have a team of dedicated support personnel standing by to answer questions from the audience, should they have technical difficulties. All the chats are recorded and archived for quality control purposes.

How it Works





Working to Keep Your Event Secure


Our webcasts were always accessible to everyone. Historically companies were more interested to adhere to RegFD requirements than to have secret meetings. In the virtual world where the hosts, and not the companies are handling the webcast, things have changed. We now have the ability to lock down events and prohibit outside access from the MeetMax platform.

Enhanced Security

We always tried to make accessing company pages as easy as possible. This also meant that unwanted audience members could access presentations that you may want to reserve for a smaller private audience. Our new lockdown feature also allows us to increase the security of your webcast page to deny access from non-genuine URLs.

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