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Institutional Conference

Organizing a conference is a lot of work. Inviting clients, scheduling presentations, organizing one-on-one meetings, and assigning a moderator are just some of the arrangements necessary to coordinate a successful event. The last thing you need is a client concerned with satisfying its Regulation FD requirements, which is where Wall Street Webcasting can help. By offering the option of webcasting with WSW, your clients can fulfill their requirements in a painless process.

Wall Street Webcasting is here to help in every way possible. We can recruit the perfect team of vendors, provide you with expert advice from our years of experience and orchestrate all of the logistical details of the event including A/V, location assignment and webcasting. One of our conference coordinators will work with you to develop a plan and execute a successful event.

Our webcasting services are compatible with all browsers on both PC and Mac systems, and most events can also be streamed through your mobile and tablet devices. WSW also offers both user-controlled and synchronized slide capabilities, polling options, Q&A functionality, audio and video archiving and transcription services.

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Webcast Options

Basic Webcast
Don’t want all the bells and whistles, but need to fulfill your RegFD requirements? Here is your solution. Let us build your online home for investors and analysts to get the most up to date information about where you’re headed.
Audio & Visual Webcast
Give your listeners a bit more of the feeling of being in the room with you by allowing them to flip through your slideshow presentation while you speak. With options for giving the audience the ability to go through the slides at their own pace or having the presentation synced so that your webcast mirrors the live experience are great ways to get the most out of your presentation.
Video Webcast
Give people the entire experience from the comfort of their own computer. Be heard and seen while giving your company's update with a video webcast. Our video webcast can be combined with all of our featured webcast delivery methods to give you absolute control of every bit of your presentation.